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Our staff are all professionals with years of fitness experience. We have 2 certified trainers for you to choose from. Each brings their own fitness specialty and unique training style, but both are committed to ensuring safe and effective workouts. Let us match you with the perfect trainer to achieve your fitness dreams.

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Hannah, I teach Dance Fusion and Sass classes here at Gordano Sports Centre.

I first started teaching dance when I was 19, and dancing for myself from the age of 3. I’ve trained in various styles including Tap, Jazz, Latin American and ballroom, Rock and Roll, Disco, Street dance and many others. In 2016 I qualified as a level 3 fitness instructor and personal trainer which enabled me to combine my passions for fitness and dance to create and provide both of these fabulous classes. Dancing has always brought me so much enjoyment and I’m sure my classes will do the same for you!


Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

I gained my Personal Training qualifications with Holmes Place, Russell Square, London and Lifetime Fitness, Bristol. My Pilates qualifications were gained with HFE in Berkshire.
Sometimes, no matter how important your goals are up to you, it's a struggle to bring your best effort to your gym session or work up the motivation to make it happen at all.
Whether you are trying to lose weight, train for a race, keep your stress in check, or any other worthwhile reason to make fitness a part of your life, staying consistent is key, even when you really, really don't feel like it!

Hannah Stokes
Jayne Leaker
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