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Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

I gained my Personal Training qualifications with 'Holmes Place, Russell Square, London', and 'Lifetime Fitness, Bristol'. My Pilates qualifications were gained with 'HFE' in Berkshire.
Sometimes -no matter how important your goals are to you- it's a struggle to bring your best effort to your gym session, or even work up the motivation to make it happen at all.
Whether you are trying to lose weight, train for a race, keep your stress in check, or any other worthwhile reason to make fitness a part of your life, remaining consistent is key even when you really, really don't feel like it!
"If you don't hate your personal trainer, they're not doing it right!"


I have been local to Portishead for 17 years, married with two teenage boys. I joined Redwood Country Club in 1997 where the fitness bug grabbed me and whilst our boys were young, I decided to qualify to become a Personal Trainer.
I love the role of helping people achieve their targets and I will work with you, guide you and push you to succeed and meet those goals.

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