Full List of Equipment

Currently unavailable

2x 6kg Kettlebells

2x 4kg Kettlebells

1x 10kg Kettlebell

Medicine Balls <9kg

<20kg Dumbbells 

Smith Machine <25kg

2x Balance Balls

1x Spin Bike

1x Upright Bike

2x Bikes

2x Crosstrainers

3x Treadmills

2x Rowers

1x Krank Machine

1x Lat Pull

1x Seated Row

1x Seated Leg Curl

1x Chest Press

1x Leg Extension

1x Functional Trainer

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a member of staff

Our Smith Machine starts at 11.3kg (bar) and then can have up to 155kg added on as extra weight. If you are unsure of etiquette or how to use the machine, please speak to a member of staff.